Ballistic floors for polygon

The 20 mm and 30 mm plates have been tested for application in the firing tunnels and as paving in the shooting stations. Both are punctured by the types of bullets fired during the tests, without giving rise to any kind of rebound. The bullet, in fact, after fragmenting in the impact against the reinforced concrete floor below, did not retain enough kinetic energy to pierce the slabs again.

20/30 mm thick colored civil-industrial rubber floor, black, smooth or bubble-shaped surface, composed of a homogeneous mixture of natural and synthetic rubber, mineral fillers, vulcanizing and stabilising, suitable for laying without adhesive, with Euroclass Bfl-S1 certification and the National Test Bench for portable firearms and commercial ammunition of Gardone Val Trompia.

These environments are designed to be comfortable, dynamic spaces, even with variable geometry, in which functionality can be associated with an exclusive aesthetic quality.

The Remp ballistic floor guarantees high safety standards as it prevents accidentally fired projectiles from bouncing and endangers the safety of the shooter.

The resistance of these rubber floors to all kinds of mechanical influences makes these surfaces durable and durable for decades.

All the advantages of a rubber ballistic floor for shooting ranges:

  • Bullet impact absorption and rebound control
  • Non-slip
  • Comfortable to walk on
  • Low VOC emissions
  • Ease and speed of cleaning and maintenance

For these characteristics, the Remp rubber ballistic floor is suitable for:

  • Gunshot tunnel
  • Firing positions
  • Open-air polygons

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