Rubber flooring with relief surfaces in tiles or rolls of various sizes, some also used for raised elements:

  • A wide variety of colours, thicknesses, surfaces to meet all possible market requirements, aesthetic and technical.
  • Special qualities available for specific needs such as protection against electrostatic charges, resistance to oils and greases and higher fire resistance.
  • They do not release toxic substances as they do not contain them.
  • At the end of their life, they are comparable to solid urban waste and therefore easy to dispose of in common landfills.
  • The raw materials are natural rubber or synthetic rubber.
  • The production of Planway flooring does not use and does not produce any type of highly polluting substance because it is based essentially on thermal and mechanical processes.
  • The floors do not contain substances such as: PVC, halogens, plasticizers, formaldehyde, asbestos, cadmium, CFC

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