Rubber flooring for hospitals, medical centres, clinics, operating theatres and nursing homes

Rubber flooring for hospitals, medical centres, clinics, operating rooms and nursing homes.

Floors for hospital and sanitary environments require high-level performance.

A health facility represents, in fact, a union of areas with specific functions, subjected to massive uses.

All the advantages of a rubber floor for hospitals, medical centres and clinics:

  • Wear resistance
  • Dimensional stability over time and non-porous surface (Remp rubber floors do not open on joints and do not become foci of bacteria)
  • Reduction of footfall nois
  • Comfort
  • Easy and fast cleaning and sanitising
  • Resistance to imperviousness
  • Static-dissipative properties
  • Low VOC emissions

For these characteristics, REMP rubber floorings in sanitary facilities and nursing homes are suitable for:

  • entrances and corridors
  • waiting rooms and family rooms
  • operating theatres
  • patient rooms and chambers with low bacterial load

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