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Remp rubber flooring and natural rubber

Cost effectiveness and product quality are critical commercial ingredients, but in the new design environment they are not enough. Our priorities as consumers, specifiers and manufacturers are changing.

Natural rubber is a wholly renewable raw material, and mature rubber trees are exceptionally efficient at carbon sequestration - the absorption of harmful CO2 from the atmosphere. Rubber is also easy to recycle, not just once but several times, with many potential applications. It has inherently low toxicity, particularly compared to PVC based flooring. 

All these factors, combined with a long service life, contribute to an environmental life cycle performance that is worlds away from existing resilient floorcoverings.

Remp rubber flooring is suitable for a large variety of installations: in schools, in hospitals, in airports and railway stations, and in residential environments.

It is tough, anti-slip and burn resistant, but feels soft and warm underfoot. It has excellent noise absorption properties, yet is dust free, hygienic and easy to maintain. Please note that Remp rubber is an organic material that may contain some small variations in appearance and uniformity compared to its synthetic counterpart. 

This is a natural result of the manufacturing process, and part of the product's unique appeal.

All manufacturers now place great emphasis on their environmental performance. Yet, despite a burgeoning mass of data, it is enormously difficult to make valid comparisons between different materials. Replacing SBR with natural rubber as the core ingredient transforms the product completely without loss of performance.

The fundamental shift is in the generation of harmful CO2 emissions. All manufacturing creates CO2 - that is inevitable. But rubber trees, with a functioning lifespan of up to 30 years, are extraordinarily efficient at extracting CO2 from the atmosphere (this process is know as ‘sequestration’).

This, combined with an energy efficient factory production process, makes the case for Remp natural rubber a product that moves with the times.

The company and its history

Remp Techno srl was born in 1986, from the separation of several societies of the Everest Group. Since its origins it has been characterized by the high quality of its products and for the absolute reliability of the materials used, becoming in few time the leader in the rubber manufactoring.Learn More......

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