Our production lines

  • Rubber Flooring

    A wide range of rubber floorings, in tiles and rolls, in an extensive collection of colours and for every imaginable use.

  • Technical Articles

    REMP is now operating in the moulding sector and in the marketing of rubber articles for several applications.

  • Latex arch supports

    Important international shoe manufacturers use our latex arch supports, which are waterproof and guaranteed to fit comfortably.


    Remp produces the rubber compounds needed to obtain the realisation of the parts required to meet the rubber component parts for ceramic milling.


Debido a sus suelos deportivos, que se caracterizan por la dureza y elasticidad excepcional, Remp es capaz de asegurar que el rendimiento deportivo de los atletas aficionados y profesionales se ven facilitados .

Por esta razón, los suelos deportivos Remp pueden resistir cargas pesadas y choques, y gracias a las características antideslizante son perfectos para soportar el peso del equipo de la aptitud, ayudando de esta manera el apoyo del sistema músculo-esquelético .

Los suelos Remp son perfectos para cualquier tipo de gymnasio, de entrenamiento con pesas a entrenamiento simple.

Un ejemplo de la utilización de esta tipologia de suelo es en un gimnasio danés, encargado a nosotros por la empresa ERGOFLOOR.

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The company and its history

Remp Techno srl was born in 1986, from the separation of several societies of the Everest Group. Since its origins it has been characterized by the high quality of its products and for the absolute reliability of the materials used, becoming in few time the leader in the rubber manufactoring.Learn More......

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