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As a synonym of quality and convenience other than territoriality, COAL is one of the chains with major success in large-scale retail trade in Central Italy since the 60s.

To keep a high level of its department stores, in addition to quality products, a cosy and practical environment is necessary: this is the reason of the choice of REMP rubber floorings, and in this case of the range DOTFLOOR S, for its main supermarket in Pesaro.

Particularly resistant but in the meantime comfortable at transit, it is the most suitable flooring for locations that need a high level of hygiene and easy maintenance; its surface guarantees grip of the shopping cart’s wheels concomitant with high smoothness. The colour choice of a light green with white and light blue grains stands out the product display.

L'azienda e la sua storia

La Remp Techno srl nasce nel 1986 dalla separazione delle varie società del gruppo Everest. Sin dalle sue origini, si caratterizza per l'alta qualità produttiva, la ricerca d'avanguardia e l'affidabilità dei materiali, diventando in poco tempo leader nella manifattura della gomma. Approfondisci...

Ultime News

Contatti Veloci

Di seguito un riepilogo dei nostri principali contatti per informazioni commerciali:

  • Tel: +39 0546-81721
  • Fax: +39 0546-85571
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