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Planway RP

Due to a new surface treatment called “RP”, Remp has managed to reduce the cleaning and care effort for its Planway rubber flooring dramatically.

The result is PLANWAY RP, a product that expands the advantages of this kind of flooring such as high comfort and long product life by a property that will gain in importance in the future - easy cleaning and care. The new surface protection from Remp offers not only excellent resistance against, stains and chemicals, but also allows for a reduction of maintenance costs by up to 30 percent. The costs for water, detergents and energy are even reduced by 50 percent. Initial care such as waxing or polishing is not required either. This clearly added value is a major benefit when compared to traditional rubber flooring.

After all, purchasing and laying flooring is only a minor share of the costs arising over the entire product lifecycle. The major share of costs arises from maintenance, i.e. regular cleaning and care. PLANWAY RP revolutionises the market by offering very low lifecycle costs due to the reduced frequency and effort of cleaning and maintenance required.

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Remp Techno srl was born in 1986, from the separation of several societies of the Everest Group. Since its origins it has been characterized by the high quality of its products and for the absolute reliability of the materials used, becoming in few time the leader in the rubber manufactoring.Learn More......

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